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Alain Resnais

„I never had any special appetite for filmmaking, but you have to make a living and it is miraculous to earn a living working in film.” – Alain Resnais Obecnie Alain Resnais znajduje się w moim rankingu reżyserów na miejscu #205 Top 1. Hiroszima, moja miłość2. Noc i mgła3. Zeszłego roku w Marienbadzie4. Melodramat5. Wujaszek…
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9 marca 2023 0

Agnes Varda

„I don’t believe in inspiration that arrives like a bolt from the blue – if it doesn’t also arise from your body and your immediate lived experience. That’s why I always refer to 'subjective documentary’. It seems to me that the more motivated I am by what I film, the more objectively I film.” –…
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8 marca 2023 0